SAM WhatsApp Business v5.0 APK Download Latest Version (full-text feed)

SAMWhatsApp enterprise is a mod of the WhatsApp business app. A privateness mod, that gives additional  elements together with privacy , DND (do not Disturb), changing some icons styles, app lock, conversation locks, media mods, fonts style, and many more.

    * help kitkat devices 4.0
    * aid English
    * delivered viewed fame (popularity - three dot menu - viewed reputation)
    * added historical popularity (leading reveal - three dot menu -ancient status)
    * brought choice to enable Proximity Sensor
    * that you would be able to sending 100 doc at once
    * unlimited Pin Chats
    * extra

      • in accordance with  2.19.sixty nine
      • Ban proof.
      • supports calls.
      • Zoom for profiles photos.
      • privacy mods: cover the “remaining seen”.
      • Counter facts for neighborhood.
      • Media preview devoid of loading.
      • demonstrate on-line/last considered in leading display.
      • increase video size sending from 16 MB to 30 MB.
      • photo sending increases from 10 photos to 90.
      • increase repute words from 139 characters to 250.
      • potential to proceed hyperlinks on chat screen whereas no longer saving sender diversity or cluster admin diversity.
      • capacity to press in hyperlinks to your friends status with out effort.
      • The possibility of settling on between ordinary and broadcast messages.
      • disguise the name and the date while copying to a further chat person.
      • copy and Paste status.
      • brought more docs file guide pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx ,and zip.s   

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